The "Down's Estate" is the former farm on Old Wells Rd in Seaford (see map below), previously owned by world-renowned whip and saddle-maker Harry Down. The land is now owned by Frankston City Council and jointly managed.

The Project is comprised of a hardworking group, eager and dedicated to create a community-based public space at the site which will comprise many facets, including a community garden.

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Help us make this the amazing project we believe it can be for Frankston.

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Sept 30: Sunday 9am - 12 midday: Down's Estate Open Day
Part of the Frankston Community Gardens Network Open Day


We're at the Seaford Community Committee's stall at the
Seaford Farmers' Market
every third Sunday from 8am - 1pm

Drop in to discuss your ideas
(In fact, all local Community Groups are invited to share the stall - Click here for more information)
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