Our aim is to be in solidarity with homeless people and those at risk of homelessness in and around Seaford.


  • Meet those at risk, identify their needs, and work with them towards achieving viable solutions
  • Liaise with government, community and private providers of needed services
  • Support people to achieve affordable, secure and appropriate housing in the area

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SHAC's Report: "Sleepless in Seaford"

Investigates the plight of people in the Seaford area sleeping rough, including in cars, and the difficulties and dangers they face.

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We're at the Seaford Community Committee's stall at the
Seaford Farmers' Market
every third Sunday from 8am - 1pm

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Coalition Members
  • St. Anne’s Parish Social Justice Group
  • St Vincent de Paul Mt Eliza Conference Social Justice Group
  • Seaford Community Committee
  • Residents of the Seaford Beach Cabin Park
Seaford, Victoria, Australia
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