Our aim is to be in solidarity with homeless people and those at risk of homelessness in and around Seaford.


  • Meet those at risk, identify their needs, and work with them towards achieving viable solutions
  • Liaise with government, community and private providers of needed services
  • Support people to achieve affordable, secure and appropriate housing in the area

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** Now calling for volunteers ***

"Community Meals" / "Socialised Meals Services"

in & around Frankston

The Breakfast Club has now grown to 5 days/week from February 2019

Excellent progress - a venue has been found (a restaurant, no less!) and that means that real planning can now get underway!

Following the withdrawal of funds by the Victorian State Govt and Frankston City Council (FCC), other options have been investigated and we are very pleased to announce that a venue has been obtained.

Thank you to Dr Ede, CEO, Chisholm Institute, Chris Crewther MP, Federal Member for Dunkley and everyone else involved in realising this outcome.

These "Community Meals" / "Socialised Meals Services" are a great opportunity for those "doing it tough" or just want an opportunity to have a meal & a chat with others in a safe, friendly environment - AND for volunteers, of course.

THANK YOU to the volunteers and providers
Contact us or the providers if you would like to get involved

More on Homelessness - Assistance, Resources & information



SHAC's Submission to the Draft Frankston Housing Strategy 2017


SHAC's involvement with FCC and residents to

to decide the future of the Seaford Beach Cabin Park



Rooming Houses in Frankston: map and Information



SHAC's Report: "Sleepless in Seaford"

Investigates the plight of people in the Seaford area sleeping rough, including in cars, and the difficulties and dangers they face.

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