Public Housing Renewal Program + Inquiry

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Public Housing Renewal Program + Inquiry

Postby Noel Tudball » Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:25 pm


Attached is SHAC’s 3-page submission to the Public Housing Renewal Program Inquiry.

Other Housing Submissions:

You can Forward our report as your Submission, or if you see a few points that particularly strike a chord with you, feel free to copy and paste those into your own Submission.
SHAC is more concerned about seeing appropriate solutions implemented, than our Copyright.

More info:


The fact that there is now a Victorian Upper House Inquiry would indicate there are problems.

State Govt legislation was introduced that would see many Public Housing (nee Housing Commission) properties sold (allegedly given) to developers for re-development as mixed purpose dwellings. There is a requirement in the legislation that the new properties must contain 10% more Public Housing than was on the land before development.

Instead of 10%, SHAC proposes an increase of at least 50% in the number of public housing units.

The Public Housing waiting list was 30 years, but the list has now been closed – no new people are being added.


The Inquiry & Call for Submissions:

There will now be an inquiry into the State Government's privatization/redevelopment plans for Public Housing. Passed by Libs & Greens and Fiona Patten (49) in the Victorian Legislative Council.

The inquiry by the Legal and Social Issues Committee will examine the program, which plans to use private sector investment in new social housing.

There is a call for submissions on the Public Housing Renewal Program.
Public submissions can now be made for the parliamentary inquiry into the Victorian Government’s Public Housing Renewal Program.

Public submissions are welcome until Friday, 3 November 2017. The Committee will conduct public hearings throughout the latter part of 2017.


Community Action:

Joseph Toscano of Defend And Extend Public Housing Australia says that according to the contracts,
there will be NO Public Housing, only private housing and privately run and/or owned Social Housing. He is not alone in his belief that this needs to be clarified, hence the inquiry.

Defend And Extend Public Housing Australia

Public Rallies -


More information on the inquiry:

The Legislative Council will inquire into, no later than 20 March 2018, the Victorian government’s plan to sell a majority of the public land on existing public housing estates for private development. (Allegations have been made that the word "sold" is actually "given". Let's hope that the Inquiry also clarifies that aspect.)

Inquiry Terms of Reference:

"That, pursuant to sessional order 6, this house requires the Legal and Social Issues Committee to inquire into, consider and report, no later than 20 March 2018, on the Victorian government’s plan to sell a majority of the public land on existing public housing estates for private development under the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) public housing renewal program (PHRP), and in particular the committee should consider ........ " (these 12 points that underpin the inquiry).
  1. the adequacy of a proposed 10 per cent increase ? in public housing (or 1100 public units) on the sites given the size of the waiting list for public housing;
  2. the ability to cater for all demographics including families, couples and singles with the proposed housing mix;
  3. the effects on current public housing tenants, including:
    (a) whether they will be moved to accommodation that is secure, stable and fit for purpose;
    (b) whether they will be moved to accommodation that is close to existing social support networks, educational, health and welfare services;
    (c) whether current tenants will be able to return to the estates;
  4. the allocation of parts of the sites between the proposed new public and private housing units;
  5. the lack of public condition assessments of the estates or alternative options such as refurbishment of all or part of the existing housing units;
  6. the proposed significant increase in density and heights and any local environmental impacts, such as the loss of open space and mature vegetation;
  7. the removal of planning controls from local councils, and planning implications surrounding communities including existing neighbourhood character, traffic flow and provisions of services;
  8. the proposed loss of third-party appeal rights;
  9. the transparency and genuine community consultation with affected residents, neighbouring communities and the broader Victorian community regarding the short, medium and long-term implications of the PHRP model as currently proposed;
  10. public housing estates where similar models are envisaged or underway, including:
    (a) Markham Avenue, Ashburton;
    (b) Koolkuna Lane, Hampton; and
    (c) the corner of Stokes Street and Penola Street, Preston;
  11. previous Victorian public housing renewal projects, including but not limited to the Kensington, Carlton and Prahran public housing estates;
  12. best practice models for the provision of public housing from within Australia and overseas; and any other matters the committee considers relevant."

See page 35ff of
Gone - see attached - or see page 3961 of
(also attached -

Email -

Solidarity with homeless people and those at risk of homelessness.

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