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Factory Permit Application: 6-7 Apsley Place Seaford

PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:21 pm
by Noel Tudball

Permit Application NO. 20/2017P - 6-7 Apsley Place Seaford - Wuzhou Foam Australia Pty Ltd (off Hartnett Dve)

Apparently, the factory has actually been manufacturing for some years without this Permit.

The formal wording is to operate a factory within 30m of a Residential Zone.
The factory manufactures polystyrene foam.
The factory is actually only over the fence from some homes - see video link below.

If you are affected by this, or have experienced noise or other pollution as a result of the factory, please contact us. A sample Objection is available to make the process easier for you.

Councillors have been requested to call the Application into a Council meeting for public debate.
Given the 50-60 Objections, it is expected that a Residents Meeting (with Councillors and Council Officers) will be scheduled.

Although the formal closing date for Objections was 24 July - 10 day's notice with today's slow postal deliveries - "Council may also consider submissions and objections received after the closing date and prior to finalising its assessment of the application."

The documents are no longer on this page -,
so have been uploaded to Google Drive (no sign-in required):

Click on this link to view and download the files -

  • Video of escaping allegedly toxic fumes (steam) taken through a resident's fence - Wuzhou Wuzhou Foam Video 20170727.mp4
  • Photos of scattered rubbish (polystyrene foam)
  • Standard blank form - Objection_to_Planning_Permit_Application_Form_November_2015.pdf
  • SubmissionObjection_Checklist.pdf
  • Application Plans - 202017P_-_6-7_Apsley_Place_Seaford_-_Plans.pdf
  • Permit Application - 202017P_-_6-7_Apsley_Place_Seaford_-_Application_Form.pdf

Email us on if you have any problems or questions.

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