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North-West Ward Meetings with Councillors

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 3:13 pm
by Noel Tudball

Only residents of North-West Ward are encouraged to attend. There is no need to book or register questions prior to the meeting.

Next meeting: Tuesday 5 December 2017 at 7pm -

North-West Ward Councillors are hosting a series of meetings for residents of Seaford, Frankston, Frankston North and Karingal where they will provide updates and answer questions relating to those suburbs. South Ward has followed suit.

Details in following Posts (scroll down to view).
Thank you to our Councillors for organising.

Do you have questions to ask of Council/Councillors?
What are Councillors doing well, badly or not at all?

They may like our help with priority-setting. Let's do just that. :-)

These meetings are an excellent opportunity to raise issues that Councillors may not be aware of.
It's a very convenient way of having input and asking questions. Even though 3 Councillors cannot make decisions for the entire Council (at this meeting), they can certainly provide feedback to residents, pass items to Council Officers for investigation and lobby other Ward Councillors for possible future Motions.

I haven't seen similar meetings advertised for other Wards. I would recommend that residents in the other 2 Wards lobby their local Councillors to hold similar meetings.
(Update: 1 South-West Ward Councillor has organised and attended public meetings, accompanied by a NW Ward Councillor.)

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Seaford: North-West Ward Meeting

PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 11:11 pm
by Noel Tudball

Seaford (primarily)
Tuesday 13 December 2016 6.30pm to approx. 8pm

Talbot Hall (at the rear of the Seaford Community Centre)
1/6 Broughton Street, Seaford 3198

A very pleasant & successful meeting - approximately 30 attendees.

Here's a brief summary of the main issues raised:
  • Appearance, quality and range of shops
  • Asset renewal/maintenance spending is a high priority
  • Down's Estate Community Project ( might fulfill some locals’ needs
  • Kananook Creek and surrounds
  • Level Crossing Removals
  • Membership of all community, volunteer and political groups is universally lower
  • Parking (in several locations) and guidelines/regulations pertaining thereto
  • Personal safety
  • ** Residential (Over) Development stood out as the #1 issue, raised and echoed by the vast majority of (if not all) attendees. Seaford is being spoiled by inappropriate residential development and Frankston has been covered by General Residential Zone for over 2 years now, due to (previous) Council inaction
  • I was told that Residential Zones will be reviewed in 2017
  • The Beach (wheelchair access to and boardwalk along)
  • The meeting wasn't just about lobbying to get stuff done that needed majority Councillor support (like suburban over-development). It was an opportunity to learn about future FCC plans and Council Officer action. After the meeting, I received several calls from Officers with updates on issues of concern
  • The Wetlands
  • Think Big (the new Local Area Plan) - the full complement of submissions will be received by Councillors for review
Along with the usual, very familiar faces, there were some new faces - good to see.

Thank you to our Councillors for organising.

Karingal: North-West Ward Meeting

PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:15 pm
by Noel Tudball

Karingal (primarily)

Thursday 20 April 2017 at 6.30pm to approx. 8pm
Karingal Place Neighbourhood Centre, 103 Ashleigh Ave Frankston

REPORT: (Thank you, Malcolm Scott)

"Between 40-50 attendees.

Items discussed/asked etc, included:
  • Beckwith Grove bridge over Kananook Creek - will it be rebuilt? A large group pursuing this -
  • Comments (reported) by a Councillor regarding LGBTI rights re marriage equality - quite a large group strongly put their case
  • Carrum Downs Scout Hall - no suitable replacement
  • Seaford Scout Hall - opportunity with Seaford Rd level crossing to get a new/placement hall
  • Level crossing removals -
  • Request to re-establish the foreshore committee (now lapsed)
  • A tennis precinct in Karingal not getting funding on the works program - reasonably sized group not happy at all about some Councillors position on this and the general do nothing for Karingal
  • The Frankston Basketball Stadium was not raised as an issue
  • A worthy exercise in participatory democracy, but attendees and councilors could get more out of the meeting if people did not stack on, and if all parties were more careful with how and what they say
  • I think participatory democracy would be enhanced with someone facilitating and giving issues their right hearing and time allocation. With 3 councilors who might have different views and perspectives, I think a facilitator would help. Perhaps someone might volunteer to help facilitate rather than the master and serf type experience. Perhaps the Councillors might ask someone from the audience to assist"
Thanks, Malcolm.

Central Frankston: North-West Ward Meeting

PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:11 pm
by Noel Tudball

Central Frankston (primarily)
Meeting Date: Tuesday 8 August 2017 at 7pm
Orwil Street Community House, 16 Orwil Street Frankston 3199

Items discussed/asked etc, included:

Frankston North: North-West Ward Meeting

PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:23 am
by Noel Tudball

Only residents of North-West Ward are encouraged to attend. There is no need to book or register questions prior to the meeting.

Frankston North (primarily)
Meeting Date: Tuesday 17 October 2017 at 7pm
Frankston North Community Centre, Room 2, 26 Mahogany Avenue Frankston North 3200

Summary Of Issues Raised
  • Basketball Centre
  • BBQ @ Foreshore
  • Beckwith Grv Bridge -
  • Cleaning up Kananook Creek
  • Feeding the Needy - question the cost of study for homeless ($25,000) in FCC Agenda
  • Homelessness
  • Kananook Mouth - Oliver's Hill Boat Ramp
  • Lobbying in regards to MAV
  • Mental Health Issues Lobby Group
  • Mosquito Spraying
  • Oblige LXRA to have full EES for Kananook Creek & Seaford Wetlands -
  • Philosophy CafĂ© - Subsidise resurrection of this event
  • Positive Feedback to Council survey
  • Provide Security Cameras in Sherlock Hays Carpark (next to Tasman Meats)
  • Safety at Olivers Hill boat ramp - lights - break wall
  • "Think Big" Workshop Outcomes
  • Traffic dangers - Rosemary Crescent Adib Court
  • Traffic Hazard - Brunnings Road & Cadles Rd, Carrum Downs
  • Traffic on Rosslyn Ave, Seaford
  • Training of Council Officers to pilot drones to expand civic neighbourhoods
  • Why are some Council meetings held in secret?
  • Will the Slow Down sign requested near postbox on Carramer Drive be erected?

Seaford: North-West Ward Meeting

PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:23 pm
by Noel Tudball

Only residents of North-West Ward are encouraged to attend. There is no need to book or register questions prior to the meeting.
A chance for residents of Frankston, Frankston North, Karingal and Seaford to meet their Councillors, get updates and ask questions about their suburb.

Seaford (primarily)
Tuesday 5 December 2017 @ 7.00pm

Seaford Community Centre, 1/6 Broughton Street, Seaford 3198


  • After the meeting .........

Thank you to our Councillors for organising.