Seaford Foreshore Erosion

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Seaford Foreshore Erosion

Postby Noel Tudball » Fri Jul 03, 2015 6:42 pm

"The critical issue with dune erosion is that the sea level is rising. The rate of rising is currently 3mm per year according to latest CSIRO reports on the Victorian coastline and Port Phillip Bay. This has been the rate for a decade or so, up from 2mm/yr for a few decades before that and 1.0-1.5mm/yr a century ago. This rising is not expected to stop and the FCC papers on climate change predict the sea level will be 1m higher by the turn of the century. The implications of this are significant in terms of dune erosion particularly in times of high tides and strong south westerly winds. There is also the associated risk of flooding in low lying areas of the suburbs from Frankston to Mordialloc if heavy local downpours are happening at the same time. Under this scenario of steady rising sea level there exists the possibility that eventually Seaford be under water! Thankfully this threat seems to be 100+ years away but it's a sobering thought and needs inclusion in planning considerations."

"The dune erosion has been attracting significant attention and discussion. We understand the FCC Environment Department have studies done on the issue over the years and have recently commissioned another consultants report. One element Access to these reports is a question we need to ask about. As well as rock walls to reduce dune erosion another idea that has been raised is submerged reefs off-shore. These would dampen the wave energy and reduce coastal damage by storm waves."


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