Permit Refused: 290 Nepean Highway, Seaford

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Permit Refused: 290 Nepean Highway, Seaford

Postby Noel Tudball » Sun Jul 05, 2015 5:25 pm

Planning Application 569/2013/P - 290 Nepean Highway, Seaford
Four (4) storey apartment building containing twenty two (22) apartments.

Permit application & plans (6MB)-

Permit refusal (164KB) -
OM271 Minutes 290 Nepean Highway - refusal.pdf
(163.97 KiB) Downloaded 231 times

Council Decision
Moved: Councillor Aitken Seconded: Councillor Dooley

That a Refusal to Grant a Permit be issued pursuant to Section 65 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987:

1. The proposed development is inconsistent with the objectives of the State and Local Policy Framework of the Frankston Planning Scheme, including:
a) Clause 11.02 – Urban Growth
b) Clause 15.01 – Urban Environment
c) Clause 16.01 – Residential Development
d) Clause 21.07 – Housing

2. The proposed development fails to comply with Clause 32.08 – General Residential Zone as it does not provide for residential development that respects
the neighbourhood character.

3. The proposal does not satisfy the objectives of Clause 55 of the Frankston Planning Scheme, in particular:
a) Clause 55.02-1 - Neighbourhood Character
b) Clause 55.03-8 – Landscaping
c) Clause 55.06-1 – Design Detail

4. The proposal does not achieve the objectives of the Neighbourhood Character Policy (Clause 22.08 of the Frankston Planning Scheme), and the objectives of the specific Seaford Precinct 7 area.

5. The proposed development does not achieve a high design standard as it lacks design detail and interest which creates visual bulk along its northern, southern and eastern elevation.

6. The proposal is an overdevelopment of the site.

7. The proposal fails to provide adequate visitor car parking in accordance with Council’s Multi Dwelling Visitor Car Parking Guidelines.
Carried Unanimously


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