How to lodge an Objection to a Permit Application

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How to lodge an Objection to a Permit Application

Postby Noel Tudball » Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:36 am

Are you thinking about objecting to a permit application that you consider to be inappropriate?
If so, you've come to the right place.

Feel free to share this info with anyone who lives in the Frankston City Council (FCC) area.
The link to this page is

  1. Lodging an objection:
    - allows you to have a say in what happens in your area
    - ensures that FCC will keep you informed of progress (e.g. when it will be discussed by FCC) as well as the outcome
    - does not mean you have to address an FCC meeting (you can address any FCC meeting without lodging an objection)
  2. Obtain as much information as you can:
    - the Permit Application number is displayed on the subject property
    - the detailed Permit Application and accompanying documents will be available from FCC offices and website
  3. It is important that you get support from as many people as possible. Encourage them to submit an objection or ask them to contribute to yours:
    - it doesn’t need to be long or detailed
    - ANY objection to a Permit Application gets counted and Council must consider all objections
  4. To have real effect, objections need to deal with concerns that will withstand a VCAT challenge such as those listed below - not just "Not In My Backyard" or "I don't like the colour or style" type issues
  5. Ask one of your friendly local Councillors to "call the matter into Council". This serves several purposes:
    - the decision is not made "behind closed doors" by well-meaning Council Officers
    - it brings the issue to Councillors' attention
    - the permit application will be added to the agenda for a public FCC meeting. See -
    - it allows you to address Council about the Permit. See -

Here are some of the most important issues to address:
  • traffic congestion (including parking), particularly relating to access for emergency services
  • flooding
  • drainage
  • bushfires
  • proximity to critical or endangered areas, such as The Wetlands, Kananook Creek and the foreshore
  • neighbourhood character

Written feedback will be due by a certain date; however, objections can be lodged with Council at any time up until it makes a decision - it is better to meet the date stipulated.
An email address will be provided for written feedback.
In person: any of FCC's Customer Service Locations

Objection to Planning Permit Application Form.doc
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Objection to Planning Permit Application Form.pdf
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Submission Objection Checklist.pdf
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Need more help?
- Martin Goodall's Planning Law Blog -
- Contact us -
- Take a look at these Permits and the reasons used by FCC to refuse them:


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