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Seaford Substation

Postby Noel Tudball » Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:30 pm

The building should not be demolished - one would expect revitalization costs to be less than building from scratch.
To get a report on current options is certainly a worthwhile venture.

To do "something" with this wasted resource/eyesore has been an item spoken about by maaaaany people since well before it was added to the Seaford Local Area Plan (LAP) - at the workshop on 28 Feb 2012 -

Follow-up news articles:

Agenda item for FCC meeting - OM306, Monday 4 September 2017 - PASSED!

On 28 August 2017 Councillor Kris Bolam gave notice of his intention to move the following motion:
That a report be provided to Council at the December Ordinary Meeting on the iconic Seaford Substation.
The report should consider:
1. The internal and external status of the Seaford Substation site;
2. Whether there is the presence of asbestos, signs of concrete cancer, concerns with the building’s structural integrity; and
3. Future plans for the site, and the possible public use of the substation for community purposes (i.e. local museum, community hub etc).
FCC Meeting 14.4 NOM 1363 - Seaford Substation.pdf
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Other substations on the Frankston line have been converted into units, but we would prefer it converted into a community-based public space. Suggestions have also included a workshop for artists and/or musicians.

Report: Seaford Substation - Seaford - Village Voice (SCC's first name) Meeting - June 2012
  • VicTrack and Public Transport Victoria own the building and land (800 sq metres), who sublease it to Metro Trains who manage the buildings
  • The substation was built to service the railway, but has not been required since the train lines were electrified in 1959
  • The substation is situated within the rail corridor, and should not be accessed by the public due to safety concerns. The building is also close to the overhead powerlines which is another safety issue
  • The current structure has been significantly damaged internally and is suspected to contain asbestos
  • Council issued a notice to comply to VicTrack last year, and it is highly likely that they will demolish the building
  • Action: Council to check when the notice to comply requires action
  • A related issue is the graffiti, young people are accessing the outside of the building, it is unsightly and a risk

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