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Eel Race Rd level crossing

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:39 pm
by Noel Tudball

"Major works will start in early 2019 to remove the 3 level crossings in Carrum:
  • Elevate the rail line
  • Replace the current Carrum Station with an elevated station
  • Join McLeod Road directly to the Nepean Highway under the station/rail
  • The closure of the Eel Race Road level crossing is expected to be one of the later stages of the project in Carrum"

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Re: Eel Race Rd level crossing

PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:45 am
by Noel Tudball

The Eel Race Road level crossing is scheduled to be removed – soon.
Have your say if you want Eel Race Road crossing to remain open.

This Carrum and Seaford Resident Survey closes Sunday 10 February 2019 (extended from 4 Feb - ignore date on survey).

Thanks to the efforts of the Eel Race Road Community Group, Carrum MP, Sonya Kilkenny has agreed to receive responses to the Group’s survey.

Sufficient YES votes will allow Sonya to persuade the Minister to leave the crossing open. All valid responses will be passed to Carrum MP, Sonya Kilkenny.

Email the required info to
Required info:
  • Name
  • Street Address
  • Yes or No

More info and instructions (if you need them) are below


Further information:
When the Carrum station/level crossing project is completed, ALL traffic travelling across the train line in the area will be channelled via ONE road (McLeod Rd - with traffic lights at Station St and Nepean Hwy), instead of 3 ...... with these level crossings closed:
    - Mascot Ave (North)
    - Station St (South) and
    - Eel Race Rd (South)


    - Click on Survey link:
    - One survey per person (aged 18yrs+)
    - Required info:
      * Name
      * Street Address
      * Yes or No


    - Email the required info to:
    - Complete the online survey, take a screenshot (e.g. with Snipping Tool) and email
    - Download, print, complete, scan and email
Eel Race Road Community Group will publish final numbers on Facebook & Twitter with no identifying information