Permit Refused: 70 Armstrongs Road, Seaford

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Permit Refused: 70 Armstrongs Road, Seaford

Postby Noel Tudball » Sat Dec 07, 2013 7:01 pm

70 Armstrongs Road, Seaford - Planning Permit Application No 264/2013/P

We’ve been contacted by several residents, including the Friends of Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands and local aboriginal representatives, expressing concerns which include:
  • height of the proposal so close to the Wetlands
  • proximity of the footpath to the site's boundary fence, leaving no room for softening vegetation between the subject site and the Wetlands
  • proximity to sacred aboriginal land
  • in the proposed Housing Strategy, FCC Councillors recently voted to set a 100m low density development buffer zone around the wetlands which hasn't yet been finalized
I notice there are other 2-storey dwellings in the area that must have slipped in under the radar.
One could say that it’s time to write a new precedent / draw a line in the sand.

Following our request, Councillor James Dooley has called the issue into Council for discussion (rather than leave the issue to be handled by Council Officers).

Permit Application :arrow: 5.5MB
Site plan and artists impression :arrow: 11MB


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Re: 70 Armstrongs Road, Seaford - refused

Postby Noel Tudball » Sat Mar 01, 2014 6:54 pm

Permit Application for two townhouses at 70 Armstrongs Road, Seaford (in addition to the current dwelling).
Agenda item for this Monday 3 March Frankston Council meeting.
This application clearly contradicts planning regulations.

Please refer attached relevant section of Agenda.

Full Agenda here ==> ... _March.pdf
See Page 5

At our request, Cr James Dooley called the issue into Council last December before a recommendation had been made.
Council Officers have now recommended that the application be refused.

It would be useful to have at least one person address the Council to strongly support the officer's recommendation and their justifications.
A few in the gallery will also demonstrate the strong community interest in the Wetlands.

Submissions at Council Meetings ... s/Meetings The intention to make a submission to Council at a Council meeting must be pre-registered with Council's Governance unit by 4pm on the day of the meeting. Phone 9784 1816 or register using the web form.

If you register, attend and see that someone else has already made a good submission, you can make a short statement supporting their comments or even decline to speak at all.

Refusal notice -
70 Armstrongs Road, Seaford - refusal.pdf
(112.35 KiB) Downloaded 382 times

Council Decision
Moved: Councillor Dooley Seconded: Councillor Aitken
That Council resolves to issue a Notice of Refusal to Grant a Planning Permit in respect to Planning Permit Application number 264/2013/P to construct two (2) double storey dwellings to the rear of the existing dwelling (three (3) dwellings) at 70 Armstrongs Road, Seaford subject to the following grounds:

1. The proposed development is inconsistent with the objectives of the State and Local Policy Framework of the Frankston Planning Scheme, including:
a) Clause 11 – Settlement
b) Clause 12 – Environmental and Landscape Values
c) Clause 13 – Environmental Risks
d) Clause 15 – Built Environment and Heritage
e) Clause 16 – Housing
f) Clause 21.03 – Vision and Strategic Framework
g) Clause 21.04 – Settlement
h) Clause 21.05 – Environmental Risk
i) Clause 21.06 – Environmental and Landscape Values
j) Clause 21.07 – Housing
k) Clause 22.08 – Neighbourhood Character

2. The proposal does not satisfy the objectives of Clause 55 of the Frankston Planning Scheme, in particular:
a) Clause 55.02-1 - Neighbourhood Character
b) Clause 55.03-3 – Site Coverage
c) Clause 55.03-7 – Safety
d) Clause 55.03-8 – Landscaping
e) Clause 55.03-10 – Parking Location
f) Clause 55.05-1 – Accessibility
g) Clause 55.05-4 – Private Open Space
h) Clause 55.06-1 – Design Detail

3. The proposal does not achieve the objectives of the Neighbourhood Character Policy (Clause 22.08 of the Frankston Planning Scheme), and the objectives of Seaford Precinct 5.

4. The proposal does not satisfy the objectives of Clause 52.06 Car Parking of the Frankston Planning Scheme, in particular:
a) Design Standard 2 – Car Parking Spaces
b) Design Standard 5 – Urban Design
c) Design Standard 6 – Safety
d) Design Standard 7 – Landscaping

5. The proposed development creates excessive visual bulk throughout the site, neighbouring property and surrounding environs.

6. The proposal fails to provide adequate visitor car parking in accordance with Council’s Visitor Carparking Guidelines.

Carried Unanimously
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