Seaford Foreshore Bike Path, etc

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Seaford Foreshore Bike Path, etc

Postby Noel Tudball » Sun Jul 20, 2014 8:14 pm

Seaford Foreshore - proposed bike paths - Leader p11, 9 June 2014.png
Seaford Foreshore - proposed bike paths - Leader p11, 9 June 2014.png (429.69 KiB) Viewed 3228 times

There has been some concern regarding the possible installation of the (bicycle) Bay Trail after this recent newspaper article. This also raised another couple of issues.

Investigation reveals there’s no need for worry.

  • The FCC Manager responsible said:
    “Some people would like to see the Bay Trail continued from Carrum to the Mile Bridge, but there have always been more people against the idea – the issue is too hard – the area is too narrow – area highly prized - highly unlikely - ever”
  • Matthew Mitchell (referenced in the newspaper article) said:
    “There is no current proposal for hard bike paths - but this has been a fight in the past. That is why I mentioned them when The Leader asked me if State significance would help. I think you can say that there is no imminent threat of hard bike paths.” (incompletely quoted, it seems)
  • A member of the Foreshore Reserve Community Advisory Committee advised that they’d dealt with this a long time ago and quashed the idea. The Vic State Govt is also against a bike path
  • There is also a push for “State Significance” recognition for the Seaford Foreshore which should protect the area further

  • McCulloch Ave Boardwalk - I’ve attached copies of Council’s plans. “Note the style linkage to structures at Keast Park.” This has been “on the books for years”, but has only recently gained funding.
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  • Toilet blocks - the FCC Manager responsible has advised:
    “Eventually all blue-stone toilet blocks will be replaced with a new model that has modules like the one in the George Pentland Gardens (larger than the one planned for near McCulloch Ave) and also situated at the waterfront near the Frankston pier." It seems that blue-stone toilet blocks deteriorate, are hard to maintain & keep clean and are easily dismantled by vandals


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