SHAC - Homelessness Group: Intro

Homelessness, affordable housing and related issues
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SHAC - Homelessness Group: Intro

Postby Noel Tudball » Sun May 24, 2015 4:14 pm

SHAC's aim is to be in solidarity with homeless people and those at risk of homelessness in and around Seaford.

SHAC was founded in February 2014, when several local groups noticed the rise in local Rooming Houses and people sleeping rough on the foreshore and elsewhere (many of whom had been assaulted).
  • our Coalition members are listed at the bottom of this page and include individuals and representatives from other groups
  • public advocacy has included a successful public meeting to protest the proposed conversion of a cabin park community into a car park, which would have put 120 people out of a home
  • a 31-page report was published recently - "Sleepless in Seaford" - about local people sleeping rough, especially in cars. It has generated interest in a number of local municipalities and local welfare, housing and health groups
  • for a twelve-month period we stepped into a gap to keep a local free meals service operating
SHAC - Homelessness Group adopts new name and all Posts in this SHAC Forum are posted for and behalf of that Group.

The name has changed:
The Joint Working Group on Homelessness (St. Anne’s Parish Social Justice Group and Seaford Community Committee)
Seaford Housing Action Coalition, (SHAC).


Email -

Solidarity with homeless people and those at risk of homelessness.

Coalition Members:
  • St. Anne’s Parish Social Justice Group
  • Seaford Community Committee
  • St Vincent de Paul Mt Eliza Conference Social Justice Group
  • Residents of the Seaford Beach Cabin Park

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