Self-help: From the streets to helping others

Homelessness, affordable housing and related issues
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Self-help: From the streets to helping others

Postby Noel Tudball » Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:09 am

From the streets to helping others ........

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"Six months ago Alicia Morphett-Edwards was living on the streets in suburban Adelaide, her night-time abode a park, a public building or a toilet block.

Caught in a downward spiral of drugs, unemployment and bad relationships, Alicia was too ashamed to seek help from family and preferred to “go solo” in the southern suburbs she was familiar with rather than join the homeless community in the city.

In the end, it was the need for a free meal that took her to the Hutt St Centre, a Daughters of Charity service, where she was assigned a case manager who, within two days, found her emergency accommodation in Catherine House and then Unity Boarding House.

Today, Alicia rents a unit, is working between 20 and 40 hours in a hotel kitchen and is one of the Hutt St Centre’s biggest advocates, having participated in a video promoting an innovative new social bonds scheme launched last month."

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Solidarity with homeless people and those at risk of homelessness.

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