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The Seaford Community Committee was formed in February, 2013 and aims to improve communication and create a stronger community in Seaford.
If there is anything the SCC can do to assist you, please let us know and we'll try to help.
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To actively and equitably represent all Seaford stakeholders in achieving the Neighbourhood Character, values and ambitions of the community for the Seaford area as identified in the 2012 and later Local Area Plans (LAP), derived from community workshops and through ongoing community consultation,
such as our Community Survey



To strive to expand communication, support and resource networks in Seaford

to help people help themselves and each other and thus strengthen the community.

  • Provide opportunities for local community groups to have a presence in and to reach out to the wider community
  • Provide equitable opportunities for all Seaford stakeholders to be heard
  • Encourage open communication between all Seaford stakeholders and provide them with active support through referrals and networking opportunities
  • Not to provide answers but to provide opportunities and support for others to find the answers themselves for the betterment of the Seaford community

Our current highest priorities are:

  • DONE - Establish a local Village Voice - that's us - the Seaford Community Committee
  • DONE - Village Voice e-newsletter - Newsletters about issues and events that affect Seaford are emailed at irregular intervals to more than 350 groups and individuals - please email us to join our mailing list
  • DONE - Assist other community groups in their efforts to retain the Seaford Beach Cabin Park
  • DONE - Lobby to improve Seaford Community Centre facilities, including staffing! Now incorporates the Seaford Service Centre and Library, while retaining the Seaford Junior Library
  • Progressing well - Assist the Down's Estate Community Working Group collaborating to develop a visionary proposal for the land previously owned by Harry Down in Old Wells Rd - Steering Committee now formed and meeting regularly
  • Ongoing - Take an active role in the review of the new Residential Zones (Amendment C95, etc.)
  • Ongoing - Evaluation and protection of local assets with Council and other local community groups. (We supported those who opposed the McDonald's outlet in Seaford back in 2012)
  • Public events (following our successful Harmony Day function jointly organised with the Belvedere Community Centre)
  • Safety - initially, researching Neighbourhood Watch and other existing programs
  • Coastal indigenous plantings around the Seaford Railway Station and surrounds
  • Improve Car Parking facilities

For more information, contact the Seaford Community Committee via email at

Formation of the Seaford Community Committee (SCC)
Seaford's "Village Voice"

Frankston City Council held a public meeting of Seaford residents at the Seaford Community Centre in February, 2012. The result was a friendly, energetic and positive workshop experience attended by in excess of 120 enthusiastic residents who proudly love to work and reside in Seaford.

One of the proposed projects that received high support was the formation of a committee to voice and progress residents' issues - the "Village Voice".

The Seaford Community Committee was born in February, 2013, following calls for people who live and work in Seaford to apply for membership. We are always looking for volunteers who are passionate about Seaford and would like to make a real contribution to the Seaford community.


The major outcome of that first meeting was the "Seaford Local Area Plan" - a To-Do List of issues raised. It is available here ==>


Using the Seaford Local Area Plan as a guide, the Committee wants to "keep Seaford as it is by protecting the good stuff but also improving the bad stuff". We also intend to try to address other achievable issues as they arise. Whilst we can't promise anything, we are already working hard.

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